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Academic TitleAssociate Professor
DepartmentMedicine, Geriatrics Division; Feinberg School of Medicine
AffiliationsCancer Control & Survivorship (Member)
Address645 N Michigan Ave #630 CH R317
DescriptionDr. McKoy is a clinical cancer/cancer health services and disparities researcher whose focus is on improving the safety and overall health outcome for individuals 65 years and older with cancer. Within the Cancer Center she serves as the Director of Geriatric Oncology and within the Department of Medicine as the Director of the Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program. Her research is focused on patient safey, especially as it relates to adverse drug reactions, medication management and drug-drug interactions, survivorship for older individuals with cancer, comparative and cost effectiveness analyses of cancer related therapies targeted at older individuals, and safe and cost-effective transitions of care for this cohort. Dr. McKoy and Ms Megan Oden, a Physician Assistant with proven expertise in the care of aging individuals, co-lead the Senior Oncology Outcomes Advocacy and Research (SOAR) program at Lurie. SOAR is a comprehensive survivorship program aimed at addressing the complex needs of aging dividuals with multiple comorbid illnesses and psychosocial challenges. It is hoped that this program will decrease hospital readmission rates, improve health-related quality of life, and maximize overall outcomes for this very special population.
InterestsGeriatric Oncology: (1) Adverse Drug Reactions, including Drug-Drug interactions and Drug-Supplement interactions; (2) Cancer Health Disparities, including Patient Navigation and Minority Biobanking/Biospecimen Collecting; (3) Cancer Pharmacoeconomics, including cost-effectiveness and comparative effectiveness analyses; (4) Bone Health and Cancer; (5) Transitions of Care for Older Cancer Patients; and (6) Legal/Policy Issues affecting older cancer patients
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Edwards, B. J.; Gradishar, W. J.; Smith, M. E.; Pacheco, J. A.; Holbrook, J.; McKoy, J. M.; Nardone, B.; Tica, S.; Godinez-Puig, V.; Rademaker, A. W.; Helenowski, I. B.; Bunta, A. D.; Stern, P. H.; Rosen, S. T.; West, D. P.; Guise, T. A. Elevated incidence of fractures in women with invasive breast cancer.Osteoporos Int (2016) 27:499-507. 26294292; 10.1007/s00198-015-3246-3
Arabyat, R. M.; Raisch, D. W.; McKoy, J. M.; Bennett, C. L. Fluoroquinolone-associated tendon-rupture: a summary of reports in the Food and Drug Administration's adverse event reporting system.Expert Opin Drug Saf (2015) 14:1653-1660. 26393387; 10.1517/14740338.2015.1085968
McKoy, J.; Fitzner, K.; Margetts, M.; Heckinger, E.; Specker, J.; Roth, L.; Izenberg, M.; Siegel, M.; McKinney, S.; Moss, G. Are Telehealth Technologies for Hypertension Care and Self-management Effective or Simply Risky and Costly?Popul Health Manag (2015) 18:192-202. 25290443; 10.1089/pop.2014.0073
Bensink, M. E.; Ramsey, S. D.; Battaglia, T.; Fiscella, K.; Hurd, T. C.; McKoy, J. M.; Patierno, S. R.; Raich, P. C.; Seiber, E. E.; Warren-Mears, V.; Whitley, E.; Paskett, E. D.; Mandelblatt, S. Costs and outcomes evaluation of patient navigation after abnormal cancer screening: Evidence From the Patient Navigation Research Program.Cancer (2014) 120:570-578. 24166217; PMC3946403; 10.1002/cncr.28438
Hurria, A.; Wildes, T.; Blair, S. L.; Browner, I. S.; Cohen, H. J.; Deshazo, M.; Dotan, E.; Edil, B. H.; Extermann, M.; Ganti, A. K.; Holmes, H. M.; Jagsi, R.; Karlekar, M. B.; Keating, N. L.; Korc-Grodzicki, B.; McKoy, J. M.; Medeiros, B. C.; Mrozek, E.; O'Connor, T.; Rugo, H. S.; Rupper, R. W.; Silliman, R. A.; Stirewalt, D. L.; Tew, W. P.; Walter, L. C.; Weir, A. B. 3rd; Bergman, M. A.; Sundar, H. Senior adult oncology, version 2.2014.J Natl Compr Canc Netw (2014) 12:82-126. 24453295
McKoy, J. M.; Burhenn, P. S.; Browner, I. S.; Loeser, K. L.; Tulas, K. M.; Oden, M. R.; Rupper, R. W. Assessing cognitive function and capacity in older adults with cancer.J Natl Compr Canc Netw (2014) 12:138-144. 24453297
Nardone, B.; Saddleton, E.; Laumann, A. E.; Edwards, B. J.; Raisch, D. W.; McKoy, J. M.; Belknap, S. M.; Bull, C.; Haryani, A.; Cowper, S. E.; Abu-Alfa, A. K.; Miller, F. H.; Godinez-Puig, V.; Dharnidharka, V. R.; West, D. P. Pediatric nephrogenic systemic fibrosis is rarely reported: a RADAR report.Pediatr Radiol (2014) 44:173-180. 24057195; PMC3946726; 10.1007/s00247-013-2795-x
Raisch, D. W.; Garg, V.; Arabyat, R.; Shen, X.; Edwards, B. J.; Miller, F. L.; McKoy, J. M.; Nardone, B.; West, D. P. Anaphylaxis associated with gadolinium-based contrast agents: data from the Food and Drug Administration's adverse event reporting system and review of case reports in the literature.Expert Opin Drug Saf (2014) 13:15-23. 24053773; 10.1517/14740338.2013.832752
Raizer, J. J.; Fitzner, K. A.; Jacobs, D. I.; Bennett, C. L.; Liebling, D. B.; Luu, T. H.; Trifilio, S. M.; Grimm, S. A.; Fisher, M. J.; Haleem, M. S.; Ray, P. S.; McKoy, J. M.; DeBoer, R.; Tulas, K. M.; Deeb, M.; McKoy, J. M. Economics of Malignant Gliomas: A Critical Review.J Oncol Pract (2014) In process. 25466707; PMC4295423; 10.1200/JOP.2012.000560
Simon, M. A.; de la Riva, E. E.; Bergan, R.; Norbeck, C.; McKoy, J. M.; Kulesza, P.; Dong, X.; Schink, J.; Fleisher, L. Improving Diversity in Cancer Research Trials: The Story of the Cancer Disparities Research Network.J Cancer Educ (2014) 29:366-374. 24519744; PMC4029870; 10.1007/s13187-014-0617-y
Bennett, C. L.; Jacob, S.; Dunn, B. L.; Georgantopoulos, P.; Zheng, X. L.; Kwaan, H. C.; McKoy, J. M.; Magwood, J. S.; Qureshi, Z. P.; Bandarenko, N.; Winters, J. L.; Raife, T. J.; Carey, P. M.; Sarode, R.; Kiss, J. E.; Danielson, C.; Ortel, T. L.; Clark, W. F.; Ablin, R. J.; Rock, G.; Matsumoto, M.; Fujimura, Y. Ticlopidine-associated ADAMTS13 activity deficient thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in 22 persons in Japan: a report from the Southern Network on Adverse Reactions (SONAR).Br J Haematol (2013) 161:896-898. 23530950; PMC3804577; 10.1111/bjh.12303
Edwards, B. J.; Bunta, A. D.; Lane, J.; Odvina, C.; Rao, D. S.; Raisch, D. W.; McKoy, J. M.; Omar, I.; Belknap, S. M.; Garg, V.; Hahr, A. J.; Samaras, A. T.; Fisher, M. J.; West, D. P.; Langman, C. B.; Stern, P. H. Bisphosphonates and Nonhealing Femoral Fractures: Analysis of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and International Safety Efforts: A Systematic Review from the Research on Adverse Drug Events And Reports (RADAR) Project.J Bone Joint Surg Am (2013) 95:297-307. 23426763; PMC3748968; 10.2106/JBJS.K.01181
Edwards, B. J.; Usmani, S.; Raisch, D. W.; McKoy, J. M.; Samaras, A. T.; Belknap, S. M.; Trifilio, S. M.; Hahr, A.; Bunta, A. D.; Abu-Alfa, A.; Langman, C. B.; Rosen, S. T.; West, D. P. Acute Kidney Injury and Bisphosphonate Use in Cancer: A Report From the Research on Adverse Drug Events and Reports (RADAR) Project.J Oncol Pract (2013) 9:101-106. 23814519; PMC3595436; 10.1200/JOP.2011.000486
Garg, V.; Raisch, D. W.; McKoy, J. M.; Trifilio, S. M.; Holbrook, J.; Edwards, B. J.; Belknap, S. M.; Samaras, A. T.; Nardone, B.; West, D. P. Impact of United States Food and Drug Administration's boxed warnings on adverse drug reactions reporting rates and risk mitigation for multiple myeloma drugs.Expert Opin Drug Saf (2013) 12:299-307. 23480866; 10.1517/14740338.2013.780024
Irizarry, L.; Li, Q. E.; Duncan, I.; Thurston, A. L.; Fitzner, K. A.; Edwards, B. J.; McKoy-Bent, J. M.; Tulas, K. M.; McKoy, J. M. Effects of Cancer Comorbidity on Disease Management: Making the Case for Diabetes Education (A Report from the SOAR Program).Popul Health Manag (2013) 16:53-57. 23113633; PMC3595091; 10.1089/pop.2012.0028
Kent, D.; D'Eramo Melkus, G.; Stuart, P. M.; McKoy, J. M.; Urbanski, P.; Boren, S. A.; Coke, L.; Winters, J. E.; Horsley, N. L.; Sherr, D.; Lipman, R. Reducing the Risks of Diabetes Complications Through Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support.Popul Health Manag (2013) 16:74-81. 23405872; 10.1089/pop.2012.0020
McKoy, J. M.; Fisher, M. J.; Courtney, D. M.; Raisch, D. W.; Edwards, B. J.; Scheetz, M. H.; Belknap, S. M.; Trifilio, S. M.; Samaras, A. T.; Liebling, D. B.; Nardone, B.; Tulas, K. M.; West, D. P. Results from the First Decade of Research Conducted by the Research on Adverse Drug Events and Reports (RADAR) Project.Drug Saf (2013) 36:335-347. 23553448; PMC3679367; 10.1007/s40264-013-0042-x
Simon, M. A.; Nonzee, N. J.; McKoy, J. M.; Liu, D.; Luu, T. H.; Byer, P.; Eklund, E. A.; Richey, E. A.; Wu, Z.; Dong, X.; Rademaker, A. W. Navigating veterans with an abnormal prostate cancer screening test: a quasi-experimental study.BMC Health Serv Res (2013) 13:314. 23947435; PMC3844412; 10.1186/1472-6963-13-314
Chang, P.; Saddleton, E.; Laumann, A. E.; Schmitz, B.; West, D. P.; Belknap, S. M.; Parthasarathy, S.; Edwards, B. J.; McKoy, J. M.; Miller, F. H. Comparison of the Sensitivity of a Pre-MRI Questionnaire and Point of Care eGFR Testing for Detection of Impaired Renal Function.Acad Radiol (2012) 19:1181-1185. 22831822; PMC3600374; 10.1016/j.acra.2012.04.016
Chen, B.; Restaino, J.; Norris, L.; Xirasagar, S.; Qureshi, Z. P.; McKoy, J. M.; Lopez, I. S.; Trenery, A.; Murday, A.; Kahn, A.; Mattison, D. R.; Ray, P.; Sartor, O.; Bennett, C. L. A Tale of Two Citizens: A State Attorney General and a Hematologist Facilitate Translation of Research Into US Food and Drug Administration Actions-A SONAR Report.J Oncol Pract (2012) 8:e158-e167. 23598851; PMC3500490; 10.1200/JOP.2011.000504

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